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2018 FLW Forest Wood Cup Champion Clent Davis exposed the masses to Mister Twister Lures

2018 FLW Forest Wood Cup Champion Clent Davis exposed the masses to Mister Twister Lures

Within two weeks Facebook., Twitter, Instagram has been flooded with a good ol' Boy from Montevallo Alabama hoisting the  FLW Outdoors Forest Wood Cup above his head. In a triumphant comeback from 10th place, Clent Davis topped a field of elite company to take home the $300,000 first place trophy.  Right in the middle of the celebration was a company that once was written off to the newer generation of anglers. Many current anglers wont remember the popular days of  Mr Twister Lures,, I'd imagine a conversations regarding Mr Twister up until a few weeks ago would start something like this..
"They still make baits?"
"They used to be good, right?"
"I use their fillet knives"

But if you ask someone who KNOWS baits and KNOWS bass fishing the answer may just be a little different

"I loved the Sassy Shad! The original soft plastic swimbait!"
"Just find me some of those 10" Phenom Worms! I caught tons of big bass on those"
"One of my favorite lizards of all time! That super lizard and spawning bass brings in those big girls!"

And just like that a new phenom was born. This time it was 12" long in the form of the Mister Twister Mag Buzz worm. It was Davis's work horse for the week. Landing him critical 5 pound fish during the first part of the last day of action. The Buzzworm wasn't done yet as right before weigh-in Davis tagged another bass out of a deep brush pile using the Mag Buzzworm paired on a Nichols Bulldozer Head With Mister Twister plastered down the side of Davis's boat and on the front and back of his jersey, the fishing world was now "Buzzing" once again.


The "Sassy Shad" was one of the first mainstream "Swimbaits".

Many anglers will credit the Basstrix as the first soft-plastic swimbait that went mainstream. I will agree that it is and was the first true "Hollow Belly" swimbait to become a nation wide hit. But before the Basstrix (one of my favorite baits of all time). The Sassy Shad has been around for YEARS. But it was never known as a  true "Swimbait". For the most part here in the south, it was known as a "Shad Body". A very simple baitfish like profile with a paddle tail. It was primarily used by anglers in tail races for stripers using a 3/4-1oz jighead bounnced on the bottom. Some anglers saw the power in the Sassy Shad and started to target smallmouth and spotted bass using the same retrieve anglers do now with more popular paddle tail swimbaits. It is still a main stay in swift current on the Coosa River and below Wilson and Pickwick Dams. The striper anglers have never shyed away from it. Remaining one of the most popular stripes baits of all time, especially because of the relatively low cost and effectivness.


The Forrest Wood Cup showed the world the Mag Buzz Worm, a bait that had actually been out for almost a full year. Davis has admitted to using the Mag Buzz Worm throughout the 2017 Season on the Bassmaster Elite Series and the FLW Costa Series. But the Mag Buzzworm wasn't the first Big Worm that Mister Twister has produced thats been a success. Old School structure fisherman will tell you the 11" Mister Twister Phenom worm is one of the best big worms ever made. I'm not sure how many people have actually asked if I could get my hands on some but the number is in double digits. The guys asking me aren't average fisherman either, local sticks and hammers that when they tell you something, you listen. (I actually just found about 50 plum ones for myself, sorry guys). The story goes, according to someone close to Mister Twister, the molds for the 11" Phenom worm are in such bad shape, and that demand is limited to a very small portion of anglers, it wouldn't be cost efficient to bring in new molds just to pour a couple hundred packs of worms. Luckily, thanks to Clent Davis, EVERYONE knows about the Mag Buzz Worm, which is a play off the Phenom Worm Body, but with the buzz tail. It actually makes the worm a lot more versatile before. The Buzz tail allows this worm to be swam around grass out deep creating a thumping action. The Mag Buzz Worm has gotten really popular in East Texas grass lake, such as Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend.

But before ALL that, there was one bait that Mister Twister started their whole company behind and that was the Curly Tail Grub. The Simple 4" Bait would prompt other companies to soon follow suit. The Mister Twister Curly tail would take fire worldwide, being effective in saltwater or freshwater for a variety of species of fish. Scaled down to 2" almost every crappie fisherman on the planet at one point owned some Mister Twister curly tails. 

Even with all the success of the above mentioned baits, it seems at some point the Twister name was a lost thought among anglers. With more and more soft-plastics companies popping up across the country such as Zoom, Berkley, Reaction Innovations, etc. Something had to change, before long they would be known as a compay that made fillet knives.

The Mister Twister TrI Alive Nightcrawler is a sure fire hit for finesse anglers

The Mister Twister TrI Alive Nightcrawler is a sure fire hit for finesse anglers


In late of 2015 Mister Twister went for a complete overhaul. They were missing the market that had build their company. The old logo was updated to something more modern and eye appealing. A social media push, behind Davis started to take place. New products started to roll out that would appeal to more anglers than ever. New creature baits, flipping baits, stick worms, craws, and more color schemes than ever before. The old packaging would soon be replaced, now with a bright green and black package that stood out on the shelf in tackle shops. 

Not every new bait or product has been an instant success, in fact many fisherman didn't even realize Mister Twister was still in business manufacturing soft-plastics. The tackle shops that took the risks and anglers who dunked their baits into their favorite fishing waters were soon rewarded.

It wasn't just the baits anglers were excited about, but essentially the amazing color schemes Mister Twister has been able to produce. in 2018, using their TRI ALIVE pouring technology they were able to put a three color process into their new Alive Night Crawler. Essentially making 3 layers into each pour, giving that hand poured look into their new bait. Finesse anglers across the country should flock to these worms as their super soft making them perfect for wacky rigging, neko rigging, or on their favorite shakey head.

Because of the recent national exposure, due to Davis's Forest Wood Cup victory, a complete re-birth is on the Horizon. If you're looking to pick up a couple baits to try log onto their website. I recommend from my own personal experience
The Poc-It Craw
The Flippin Out
The Super Lizard
The Buzz Bug

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