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Topwater Time often correlates with Football Time. It makes the weekends THAT more enjoyable (or miserable for me).  Now, here is a realistic take on each school's relative lake. When you  compare tradition, popularity, and success. This is a satire and its not factual. But it is meant to be light -hearted and draw some laughs. If you agree let me know! If not well your team probably sucks. Teams and Lakes are ranked from worst to last, using my special formula.




Georgia BullDogs-Lake Lanier

Lets break out the big guns  first. The Georgia  Bulldogs are at the top of the SEC East. Great Roster, good head coach, fertile recruiting ground. Georgia's campus is located just an hour or so from Atlanta (Athens), which makes Lake Lanier the easy pick for the Georigia Bulldogs. Because of Lainers tremendous spotted bass fishery and vastly underrated largemouth fishery it is the premier destination in the state for bass fishing. With no other in-state school rivalries Georgia gets the pic of the litter of lakes. Lake Lanier is at the top of the class for fisheries within the state. 

Lanier has always been a steady fishery, and like the Georgia Bulldogs its always been "Good" but it wasn't quite till last year the world really started to see its shine Often it was over shadowed by other lakes on the TVA Chain just as Georgia was overshadowed by other SEC Schools.  But If you stockpile a ton of talent whether its bass or D1 Athletes, good things will happen and people take notice when you play well on a national stage.

If Lanier keeps on pumping out mega stringers or spotted bass like we saw during this years FLW Event AND The Bulldogs keep churning out wins against top level SEC competition and get back to the playoffs they will continue to be a perfect match. If only the Georgia fans can stop that stupid barking. I'd rather listen to 10 Mike Iaconellis screaming.

Florida Gators-lAKE toho

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