Let's Look at the August Edition of Mystery Tackle Box Pro. If you dot konw, MTB is a subscription based service delivering you great baits for a discount price every month. Name brands baits sent direct to you every month. As anglers we sometimes overlook baits that we normally wouldn't use. MTB not only gives you baits you know about but new baits from new companies that let you experiment and try new things. You never know you may catch your PB on something you never thought of trying!
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The LunkerHunt Prop Frog! Dual Props and a wide gap stinger hook for better hook up ratios!

The LunkerHunt Prop Frog! Dual Props and a wide gap stinger hook for better hook up ratios!

Lunkerhunt: pROP Frog

This topwater lure that is unique from other buzz baits, or prop baits on the market. Unmatched realism, which is something that all LunkerHunt baits have as an amazing attribute. Designed to fish around grass, lilly pads, or shallow wood. The double prop feet create noise and commotion in the water making it easy to find for big fish. A pair of weedless hooks easily grab bass and is paired with a stinger hook in between the feet to snatch bass that dont fully engulf the Prop Frog. 


The Dobyns D-Blade is part of a new line of baits and terminal tackle from Gary Dobys

The Dobyns D-Blade is part of a new line of baits and terminal tackle from Gary Dobys

Dobyns d-blade adVANTAGE

Dont let the name Dobyns fool you. This is more than just a rod company making baits and terminal tackle. Owner Gary Dobyns is one of the most succesfull west-cast bass fisherman of all time. Now he's bringing some of his favorite baits to market. The Dobyns D-Blade spinnerbait has premium components topped off with a hand tied silicone skirt and premium Mustad needle point hook. The custom head design allows the D-Blade to cut through the water with ease. Each head is custom colored to match each skirt giving it the ultimate baitfish profile.


The Booyah Prank is a unique hybrid between topwater and crankbait. The concaved mouth allows the bait to spit when "popped" across the water. Below the lip is a small bill that allows the prank to be cranked below the surface, like a squarebill. On super slow steady retrieves the Prank can also be waked on the surface to entice bites.


Road Runner: Rollin Runner

The Road Ronner Rollin Runner is a great finesse underspin for your favorite swimbait. An ultra sharp light-wire hook makes it easy to stick any bass that comes in contact with it. Pair it up with a soft plastic minnnow or small swimbait and retrieve slowly


Big O's GameChanger Baits was founded by lure designer Steve Parks. The Eeliminator is designed to fish above submerged vegetation and be completely weedless! Great for Texas riggin weightless and retrieving above the surface like a buzzbait. The soft-plastic allows for easy hook penetration! Great for the sloppy stuff where no buzzbait can go.



Made with a salty material with an explosive injection or strong mackeral scent. The Lucky John Hama stick is a great finesse minnow for drop shotting or paired with your favorite underspin. 3.5" in length it makes the perfect snack for any size bass.

Fanatik baits: larva

One of the top forages for freshwater and saltwater fish are the larva of butterfly and other insecnts. Fanatik baits capitalizes on the realism of butterfly larva to entie fish into biting. The realistic profile looks like a top tier meal to any bass. Great for creek fishing, ponds, or the lake. Use it on your favorite wobble head or Texas Rig.

aBOUT mystery tackle box

Mystery Tackle Box is a subscription based service. Offering boxes that range from 16.95 a month to 39.99 a month delivered to your doorstep. MTB has baits for every angler from the pond fisherman to advanced tournament angler. Some items are exclusive to Mystery Tackle Box. Be sure to give MTB a chance and use the Code Baitman to save $10.00 on your next subscription.