Show Me The Baits

Welcome to 2019, the fun has just now begun

I can’t think of a recent time when bass fishing was going to be this exciting. Just in-case you have been living under a rock for the past 6 months, major changes have happened in the fishing industry.

The Major Leauge Fishing Bass Pro Tour was formed, which essentially gutted the Bassmaster Elite Series of top-tier talent.

The FLW Tour has tons of a new faces and some familiar old faces. They have also revamped their FLW Live broadcast to include more coverage on the water and a slew of new guest hosts

Bassmaster, well has remained Bassmaster. Continued cover with BassLive, which I believe is still the standard for live coverage. Ronnie Moore, Davey Hite, And the Z-Train will all return to bring you the best from the Bassmaster tour.

What does all this mean? To me, you’re going to see a lot of Baits. Now we have entered the era of “No Hiding from the Camera”. No longer will Patches O’Hoolihan be able to stand up on stage and tell you he caught a 6 pound bucketmouth on Trusty Teds Double Tail Jerk Minnow, when you saw him fishing a Berkley Powerworm live on camera. The consumer will win in the end.

I have my opinions of all tours, but in the end SHOW ME THE BAITS. I dont care aout all the other political stuff, just let the sport grow and prosper. Keep pumping out the good information to the masses and keep my casting on my ledges and I’ll be fine.

The Baitman Box is Coming..

It’s been in the works for a while, and by works just jumping around inside my head. But thanks to Casey at 6th Sense Fishing, the Baitman Box will now be available. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and 6th Sense is totally on board with it. What I want to offer anglers everywhere is a box of baits for each season of the year. One for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. It’s not a box to just close out discontinued baits or samples. It’s a box that I have confidence in with baits that I have and would tie on myself. Look for this to hit within a few weeks or the first of Februrary. I’ll also be offering special discount codes on 6th Sense products as well.

Courting New Talent

It’s my fault

I haven’t devoted the time or effort to keeping up But that is changing.
A follower recently reached out to me offering to help. I’m glad he did.
Welcome Josh Courtney as a contributor to Josh is just like you and I. A normal guy with a day job and a passion for tackle. After seeing a sample of his writing I knew that not only could he write but he knew exactly what he was talking about.
Check out Josh’s first Review on the Shimano Curado DC

In the mean time I plan to Blog Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Plus add a product review and or article on each of those days. I’ll also be adding YouTube videos that coincide with each article as well. Look for content from Brad Knight, Terry Bolton, Andrew UpShaw, and more.

And here is a nice preview of 5 companies you need to watch for in 2019

-Baitman Out

Black Friday Deals

I’m listing these in no particular alphabetical or numerical order. I really need to be blogging more. As more deals come in I’ll add more. So this will be a running list. Thanks again for visiting.

I am not sponsored or paid in anyway with any of these companies. This is a list I’ve compiled through social media and word of mouth. Please dont @ Me

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Home of “The Babe” swimbaits. All Swimbaits 20% off until out of stock.

Costa Del Mar: 50% off select eye wear. New styles added everyday for one week.

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Jakked Baits:
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The Trifecta Is Now In Play

Trifecta of Tournaments

Just in case you have been living under a rock in the past 24 hours, Major League Fishing has officially announced there is now a third player to the Professional Bass Fishing tournament scene. Personally, The tournament side of bass fishing has needed a good shot in the arm for a long time. Especially the top tier. Where does leave BASS? What about FLW? For GOD SAKES WHAT ABOUT THE KAYAKERS!! This is really big news in the Industry. It will effect everything from Bait Sales to Magazine Memberships...maybe even

Click Here to get my full unfiltered opinion

Also, check out this YouTube LiveStream with me and Benjiman Nowak as we discuss the new MLF Tour. Be sure to subscribe to his channel. He catches some #jaints of the smallmouth kind.

You can check out the official Major League Fishing announcement and press release on the MLF Tour by clicking here

New Review: Jackall Chop Cut

Click the Images to ready my review of this new topwater bait, freshly delivered from I-Cast 2018

#Jaints Updated

Thanks for sending in all your photos of #Jaints! The Photo Gallery has now been updated! Keep them coming! Be sure to follow me over on Instagram. I'll be highlighting some of the best and biggest #Jaints. I think its contest time soon..

A New Journey Begins

The Time Has Come...

After several years in the bass fishing industry, mainly behind a video camera, editing suite, or packing boxes full of baits, It was time. Time for me to venture out and cast my own bait into the bottom-less ocean of information known as the internet. 

With all the success of the  my Facebook Live Videos, Facebook Posts, and now YouTube (Growing Steady) was time.

This is my latest and newest creation. is something I have dreamed about for a long time. It gives me a place to put my unfiltered opinions out on the web regarding baits, rods, reels, and the fishing industry in general . Oh, and there might be a college football post or two along the way. Go Vols

In a time and age of #fakenews there is a plethora of #fakebaits and even more misinformation regarding products and techniques out than their ever was. Everyone seems to always be selling something. You know, GAME CHANGERS.  Let me know when the next senko or A-Rig hits. That is why I created to debunk, debate, and educate anglers from young to old from or  new to experienced on what does and what doesn't work. Just the Truth. Now, this isn't BAITWARS and I wont be broadcasting or blogging from a sub-nuclear fallout bait cave while in a red fury or rage blaming missed hooksets on lizard people. For the most part this site will be the place  to get the latest in product reviews, opinionated articles, tournament recaps, videos, and photo content. The hope to be semi-daily blog, will keep you informed on the newest and latest posts on the website, new products, new tips, new videos, I think you get where I'm going so you need to Bookmark that page!  The site will feature  some of the most-popular companies in the industry to  products or companies you may have never heard about.  Also, it'll be my venting tool. And quite honestly, I've needed a good fizzing for quite a while. (See what I did there)

One thing, I want to make very clear is I'm not selling out to any specific company or one product. It costs money to build and maintain a website. I'm not made out of money and  this wont be an e-commerce site selling baits anymore. This is my new life, this is the Baitman life. Sure you may see some "Articles" or "Reviews" that I was provided product or money in exchange, but I wont review or video any product that I cant be completely honest about good or bad. I think most people respect that and also if companies are only wanting GOOD feedback,, they're not going to be lasting long.  Now, I'm definitely going to take care of the people who have helped and supported me over the years. Wouldn't You?

Thanks for reading, this blog will serve as the daily update center. Be sure to bookmark it up. A link will always be on the front page!

Thanks for all the support throughout the years from family, friends, vendors, fisherman, and everyone else who may have watched a video, seen a social media post, or Ive ever shaken their hand. Thanks to all the guys who have inspired me...Pete Robbins, Mike Auten, Matt Allen, Jarred Seasor, Jeff Defew,  Crispin Powley, Zack Birge, Clent Davis, Kelly Jordon, Mike Russell, Mike Bucca, Bren Anderson, Ronnie Critcheloe, and the 1000 other people who belong on this. Most importantly My Dad, you are the best Dad ever. Hopefully Baitman Jr will say the same thing..

Time to #SendIt