This is what we call a #JAINT..props to Netbait for using this in their catalog.



It's really tough to write an "About Me" without sounding conceited or egotistic, but here are the details, that you'll find on the back of the package.

I  am currently 32 years old and blessed to be writing this. I have 17 years of experience in the Bass Fishing Industry. My first job in high school was working for Fisherman's Headquarters in Draffenville, KY under Ky Lake legend Jeff Evans. I've been a self diagnosed Bass Fishing Nutcase since I was in diapers (I have the pics to prove it)

After a few years of that I worked with Mike Auten on Lucky Craft's Classic Patterns. I learned to shoot, edit, and capture video. I went back to work for Mike in 2007 and continued to almost 2012 doing Classic Patterns, Lost Lake, and other outdoors related productions. I met tons of industry people, and honed by editing skills. I also wrote scripts for most of the TV shows and it's where I got to meet my long time friend Pete Robbins. And This is when I first started pursuing social media.

I  worked at several Tackle Shops on Kentucky Lake on the side from my job at Commonwealth Productions. The amount of knowledge I learned from working monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily with Bass Fishing Pros opened by eyes to new tricks, new baits, what was BS, and what was close guarded bass fishing secrets. This gave me an edge in customer service and kept a steady flow of traffic coming in.

Late 2016 I launched my official facebook page. After a couple years  running a successful E-Commerce. platform, I also grew my own social media following, and serviced many many customers with baits, techniques, and knowledge. With the ever growing YouTube, Live Facebook Videos, and a brain full of was time I went Unfiltered and as non biased as it gets. What you see is what you get. 'Im not seling baits. I'm giving you information into the latest and greatest, the stinkiest and the unspoken.