6th Sense Fishing has grown to be one of the hottest companies in the fishing industry in a short amount of time. You can acredit a lot of that to Owner/Founder Casey Sobczak who single handily started the company by custom painting baits and selling them on E-Bay and fishing forums. Over the last two years 6th Sense has established itself as a major player in the bait business, even spawning some copy cat paint jobs from other companies. Much of the success can also be attributed by 6th Sense's great social media presence and a knack for producing bites for touring pros. It doesn't take long for a company to grow in a short period of time when anglers are cashing checks on the tournament trail on your products.

 Now, 6th sense has expanded it's lineup from primarily hard baits, terminal tackle, jigs, and clothing to another valuable piece of fishing Equipment. This year 6th Sense introduced the Lux Series of Rods., breaking out of their mold as "Just a bait company" and expanding their horizons into another side of the fishing industry, one that is very competitive and deep. I was very intrigued with 6th sense's venture into making rods and had to get one in my hands. With owner Casey Scorbazk being a tournament angler himself and knowing his knack for creating quality products that perform, I had a sneaky feeling these rods would't disappoint.  Shortly after I-Cast 2018 I put one of the Lux Series rods to the test, specifically a. 7'1Medium- Heavy Action with a Fast Tip. 

6th Sense Fishing Latest Release: The Lux Series of Rods


The undisputed number one question I get about any rod  is "Well, is it light?" Yes, it is very light, so lets go ahead and get it out of the way.  No beating around the bush. Now, you dont have to read the whole article waiting in suspense to find that out.  Some people may not even read past that line either. When it comes to fishing rods, I'm of the belief that being "light" doesn't necessarily mean its good. There are plenty rod companies out that makes rods that are incredibly light, but as a whole dont seem to meet performance expectations. Luckily the 6th Sense Lux Rod does that. It is incredibly balanced head to toe. The model I used and took to war with me wasn't tip heavy nor was it heavy in the ass end. Once I strapped on my Daiwa Tatula CT and made several casts with a 6th Sense Divine Swim Jig, it became very apparent this was a combo I could use all day and not have much fatigue set in. 


Smooth guides

The Guides are nice, and I'll admit I'm not a rod "expert" so-to-say, but I do know quality when I see it. On first glance the guides look different than on most rods, Maybe it is the way the light reflects on the satin finished blank, but the premium stainless- steel inserts almost give off a white finish. Which is actually pretty cool, if you're into looks. The medium sized guides are the ideal diameter if you're looking for casting distance and performance. Line seemed to easily flow through each guide,, allowing for optimum distance and less backlashes. 


E-Z Keeper system

Now this is where I tend to struggle. I hardly ever use the actual keeper system that most companies put on their rods. I'm the guy that just hooks the bait to the top of my reel and goes on. Reels are meant to be fished and if tournaments were beauty contests, I'd never weigh a fish. That said, I do like the keeper system on the Lux Series Rods. It wasn't so snug to the blank that you had to push the bait onto it with force, but not loose enough you have to worry about a bait falling off while running down the lake at 65mph or hopping ponds.

The 6th Sense Lux Series Rods paired up with a Daiwa Tatula CT Casting Reel made for a great comfortable fishing trip and performed

The 6th Sense Lux Series Rods paired up with a Daiwa Tatula CT Casting Reel made for a great comfortable fishing trip and performed

All-Around Performer

Keep in mind this isn't a high-end rod. It retails at $149.99 which is just above the budget anglers price range, which from experience I put at around $99.99.  The problem is usually at this price range anglers tend to either spend $199 or less than $99. I actually think this rod is priced a little too low for what you get. Esepecially since 6th Sense offers a 3-year limited warranty, most manufactures offer a 1 year at best on price point rods.

 The split EVA foam handle is super comfortable, which is my favorite feature on the rod and I'm not a split handle guy. Sure i use them, but its usually not my preference. The foam isn't super thick so its not mushy nor is it super thin and feel hard, its just right. The handle design also allows me to easily keep connect with the palm of my hand and reel, something I feel is VERY important when buying a rod.

But wait, is it sensitive? You're leaving that out Baitman! In the words of the famous Lee Corso "Not so Fast my Friend!" The Lux Series  Rods are sensitive,, I couldn't possibly leave that out. Is it the most sensitive rod on the planet? No. Is it a dull piece of graphite? No. Each of the 13 Lux models utilizes high modulus Japanese IM7 graphite blanks with multi-layer carbon cloth that optimizes performance and just in dragging a few random baits along the bottom where I knew there were hard spots, I could easily map out the structure on the bottom. Even better, was detecting bites. The rod also seemed to load very well on hooksets. Maybe it was the fast action, but this rod seemed to have some parabolic action to it. It wasn't a noodle by any means,  it definitely has enough back bone for anyone. I had zero problem horsing around 3-4 pound fish.

Overall, if you're an angler looking to try something different without risking your next paycheck, Id 100% give this rod a try. Sometimes companies make the mistake of getting away from their bread and butter to pursue other sales outlets, but 6th Sense didn't stray from the quality of their baits with these rods, they are a great pair for each other.  I'm especially interested in a couple of the longer beefier action rods and their crankbait series of rods (The true litmus test for rod builders). They can be found here  on the 6th Sense Website and while your'e at it, you might as well grab a few of their swim-jigs, but that's another review all together.